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Well this was just a little idea that turned into a big one! A super funky music track to launch our hoped for furniture range! Something to set us apart and engage our audience in an exciting and unique way.

Flash-mobs, product placement in the pop video and going viral with 'Mr & Little Miss' moves over social media featuring the most funky Mr. Men chair could all be thrown in the mix!


So, here is our amazing track by the super cool Kimba, full of positivity and affirming all our marvellous 'little ones' uniqueness and ability to shine! Take a listen! 



Kimba is a devoted husband, father, and music artist originally from Trenton, New Jersey, now residing in London, United Kingdom. He uses words and music to paint pictures that capture hope, framing life as a journey full of opportunity to learn and discover greatness.


He has worked with Sony Viacom, CBS, West One Music Group, Houses of Parliament, and been a featured artist for The Victoria and Albert Museum, The Tate Modern, Houses of Parliament, Adidas, as well as his music supported by some of the upper echelon of hip hop and music in general including: Chuck D of Public Enemy, DJ Premier of Gangstarr, Lauren Laverne on BBC Radio 6, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Pos De Nous of De La Soul to name a few.

As a poet he has been a featured artist in the London poetry scene, and the mindfulness environment. As well as being a performing artist he now facilitates writing workshops within the UK school system and globally to empower young people with the gift of words. His first poetry book ‘ Write The Wrongs ‘ for children ages 7 - 14 is out now published by Caboodle Books.

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